Wave Wave & VINNE - Drumz

Wave Wave & VINNE - Drumz

Исполнитель: Wave Wave & VINNE
Было добавлено: 26 мая 2023 в 00:26
Жанры: Блюз
Длительность: 2:48
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Размер: 6.59 Mb
Просмотры: 7
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Текст песни

You lay around the house
Nothing much to bark about
Jump onto the bed
Just bones and squirrels inside your head
This is the only life i see
For you

And if i gave a crap
Would that show you where my head is at
I would ride the moon
And even if it comes too soon
I could fall for you
And you could fall for me

So we go all to the shows
And happiness is all we know
How it got to you
And how it got to me too
I wish i never knew
(about) my blue wave

And william called and tried
To tell me that his sister's boyfriend has
Just died
He's not sure what to do
And i'm not sure what to tell him he should do
Sometimes william we're just screwed
(in) my blue wave

So what's the girl to do
Sits on the couch and she's feeling blue
Shakes it in the cup
And she doesn't mind if it stays up
Up up oh yeah
Never mind the world
My blue girl

And the best is yet to come
You may think you are the only one
To never get it right
Just stick around on this lovely night
And we may be amazed
By my blue wave

To conclude this interview
Many facts and fictions you construe
The dog gives you the paw
You pat his head and you wipe his jaw
He's the only one who knew
(about) my blue wave

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